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If you ever buy Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds, you will be surprised by the plant that will grow from them. This phenotype is rather popular in the North due to its intense CBD level and the feeling of high it brings. Try these fast-flowering cannabis seeds and take a trip to Alaska!

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A hybrid of Russian Ruderalis, an unnamed Northern California strain, and Afghani indica, Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds are known for the perfect plant balance between indica and sativa. With a woody aroma and hints of sweet notes, Alaskan Thunderfuck is a true skunk. The flowering time is in late October; it takes eight to nine weeks for Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds to grow into a bush and bloom. The effect is truly pleasant – you will feel energized, happy, and light-headed. That is why this strain is so popular among people suffering from depression, panic attacks, and anxiety. Buy Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds at Dutch Seeds Shop!

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